Leaving Certificate

At the end of the sixth year, the students sit their Leaving Certificate as external candidates. Students may sit the Leaving Certificate at the Academy or at any secondary school which can accommodate external candidates.

All students at Mater Dei Education study English, Irish and mathematics for the Leaving Certificate. Students at Mater Dei Education enjoy significant flexibility at the senior cycle and students may select their remaining subjects based on their interests and future ambitions.

Available Leaving Certificate subjects:

Core subjects: English, Irish, Mathematics.
Foreign Languages: Latin, French, Spanish, German, and/or Italian. Students may study other languages outside of Mater Dei Education.  Note that at present, Mater Dei Education only offers Latin and French within the junior cycle.
Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
Humanities: History, Geography, Art, and Music.
Business: Economics, Business.
Other subjects may be facilitated on request.