Electronic detailed lesson plans are provided to all enrolled families. These lesson plans are a breath of fresh air for the busy homeschooling parent. They encourage autonomous work. All the work is laid out for 4 days a week, 32 weeks a year. They are available from Junior Infants to sixth class. Starting with first class, the child can work independently on his or her own while the mum or dad is looking after the younger children. They are also entirely flexible. The first part of the lesson plans explains how to teach your child using each book and are filled with pedagogical insights.

  • 4 days a week daily lesson plans.
  • Flexible
  • Available on our App and our parent portal
  • Personalised to suit the level of your child in every subject.
  • Irish recordings of all of the Irish language material
  • Pre-recorded video lessons for the secondary school student
  • Pedagogical insights

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