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MaterDei Cares is our basic programme.
It provides the necessary supports to deliver a classical curriculum to your children.



MaterDei Cares provides you with a consultant who has experience implementing the MaterDei Education curriculum.

The Mater Dei Education consultant provides guidance on:

  • How to use each book,
  • How to implement a schedule suitable for your family needs,
  • How to adapt the Mater Dei Education curriculum to the needs and abilities of your children,
  • How to assess your children progress and keep track of it,
  • She will review samples of your children’s work.
  • She will grade your children’s tests and send you two school reports per year
  • You can email your consultant at any point during the year.

As an enrolled family, you will also benefit from up to THREE/FOUR yearly video call consultations:

  • First Consultation: The consultant determines the level of your children in each subject and which Mater Dei Education classes your child should follow. Special needs will also be discussed as well as daily scheduling.
  • Second Consultation: During the second consultation, the use of the different books are discussed as well as general tips for homeschoolers.
  • Follow-on Consultations (November and February): The consultant assesses with the parent the progress of each child of the family and answers questions  regarding any aspect of homeschooling, providing feedback and confidential advice.

Lesson Plans

Electronic detailed daily lesson plans are provided to all enrolled families in Mater Dei Cares. They are personalized to suit your child. For example, your child could follow the 5th class mathematics curriculum with the 3rd class Irish curriculum and the 6th class English curriculum. The lesson plans are available through our parent portal and on our app  (available on Android and iPhone). They are easily printed. These lesson plans are a breath of fresh air for the busy homeschooling parent. They encourage autonomous work. All the work is laid out for 4 days a week, 32 weeks a year. They are available from Junior Infants to 6th class. Starting with 1st or 2nd class, the child can do most of his schoolwork independently while the parent can care for younger children or household tasks. Lesson plans are also entirely flexible. The first part of the lesson plans explains clearly how to use each book to teach your child, with key pedagogical insights to support the homeschooling parent.

  • 4 days a week daily lesson plans.
  • Irish recording of all the Irish language material.
  • Pre-recorded videos for some of the secondary level classes.
  • Flexible
  • Available on our App and our parent portal
  • Personalised to suit the level of your child in every subject.
  • Pedagogical insights

Our Moodle App


Parent Portal

MaterDei Cares enrolled families have access to our parental portal where they view their lesson plans, submit work for their consultant to review, and can listen to all of the Irish recordings.

Family Fees

We support big families at Mater Dei Education. Mater Dei Education’s enrolment fees do not depend on the number of children you have rather on your eldest child’s class. Each family enroled in our Mater Dei Cares programme receives a discount for our bookstore.

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