The absence of the Catholic school would be a great loss for civilisation and for the natural and supernatural destiny of man.

The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education.

Schools Programme

Opening a catholic classical school in your area has a four-fold purpose:

  • It provides an authentic Catholic education to the next generation.
  • Education is an authentic, effective tool for the New Evangelization of Ireland. It has the potential to bring entire families back to God and to help parents in the faith formation of their children.
  • It helps build Catholic communities where God and charity are put first. These communities will attract more people to God’s love.
  • It creates Catholic employment for Catholic teachers who may be otherwise tempted to leave the education sector.

Why should my school affiliated with Mater Dei Education?

  • The Mater Dei Education curriculum was developed by Catholic Irish teachers and lecturers following a classical approach to education. It provides a classical school curriculum to independent primary Irish schools, homeschooling co-ops, or hybrid schools taking part in the renewal of Irish Catholic classical education. It promotes the learning of the Irish language, Irish history, and Irish culture.
  • “Mater Dei Education” provides a level of assurance and recognition to your independent school, providing long-term sustainability and consistency of education, contributing to the reputation of the school. The students of Mater Dei Education sits  international recognised exams: IGCSE, DELF, and TEG exams.
  • Teachers have in hand a coherent, structured tool, and complete “ready-to-use” materials. This represents an appreciable saving of time, avoiding being dispersed in numerous textbooks, ensuring logic and homogeneity in the progression between the different classes.
  • The Mater Dei lesson plans encourage children to work independently helping teachers who teach multiple class levels.
  • Teachers can reach out to their Mater Dei Education consultant for counsel and advice. The consultant will help you in setting up your school and implementing the classical pedagogy.
  • Mater Dei Education affiliated schools can form a future Irish Catholic school network. These schools will collaborate to share best practices, train new teachers, facilitate student visits and exchanges, and provide expertise in the area of marketing, budgeting, and fundraising.
  • Mater Dei Education affiliated schools can have their teachers trained in the classical methodology.
  • Mater Dei Education affiliated schools can avail of our Mater Dei Education website template.
  • ‘Mater Dei Education’ and the Mater Dei Education logo are registered trademarks of Mater Dei Academy. The trademarks may be licensed to Mater Dei Education schools that meet established criteria.

How does this work?

Our members agree with the following:

  • CATHOLIC: To adhere to the Magisterium of the Catholic faith.
  • MASS: To attend mass as a school community at least once a week.
  • RIGOROUS: To implement the Mater Dei Education curriculum, and uphold our rigorous standards.
  • TUITION: To have the school be affordable for families of limited financial means.